As a senior character modeler at LAIKA Studios I create heroes for films like "Paranorman" and "The Boxtrolls". My models are rigged, animated, and held to the same standards as any CGI production. But LAIKA is a stop-motion studio and models here are "grown" using cutting-edge 3D-printers rather than rendered. Modelers like myself consider physical limitations of real-world materials, mechanical tolerances, and find ways to trick temperamental 3D printers into doing exactly what we want.
Hey look, it's my big dumb face making stuff. This is filler text. And this was the picture recently in the Oregonian newspaper. It wasn't a very good article.
some filler text. Eventually I'll put text here explaing my desire to lecture more and to give back to the schools so instrumental in my becomeing who I am today.
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