s Lead 3D Modeler for LAIKA Studios I create heroes for films like "Paranorman", "The Boxtrolls", and "Kubo And The Two Strings". I take pride in my ability to balance downstream technical requirements with aesthetics.

Being Lead 3D Modeler for a stop-motion studio means doing a lot more than pushing and pulling points. Because my creations are "grown" utilizing state-of-the-art 3D printers I'm constantly considering real-world physical limitations. These constraints include minimum material thicknesses, mechanical fit, 3D printer resolutions, and ALL those modeling standards associated with conventional cgi film-making too.

Each head I sculpt, even those as small as golf balls, are comprised of 72+ different mechanical parts. I personally engineer these mechanisms and tailor them according to that character's specific performance needs. These mechanisms allow eyeballs to articulate, ears to glow, and animators to quickly swap magnetic facial expressions. Getting to model dozens of machines with every new character keeps me practiced in hard-surface modeling techniques and spacial problem-solving.

As a Lead I hand pick and manage upwards of five modelers. These talented artists come from a variety of backgrounds and I do my best to deligate work in ways that play to their individual strenghts. It's up to me to establish, document, and exemplify best work practices.

Before my foray into Rapid Prototyping I created assets for Annie-nominated TV commercials and LAIKA's development team. This followed years producing animated content for medical companies, previsualization for emerging technologies, and interactive trade-show displays.

When I'm not at work I enjoy traveling, attending animation festivals, public speaking, and helping to inspire the next generation of artists.

Ty Johnson

- 3D Modeler
  • 8

    years combined film & commercial studio experience
  • Character modeler for "Paranorman" and "The Boxtrolls"
  • Expertise in Rapid Prototyping and 3D Scanning
  • Bachelors of Science "Media Arts and Animation"
  • Extensive experience modeling to exact specification
  • Award winning fine arts background
 Maya | ZBrush | Topogun | Linux | Adobe Creative Suite
Michael Laubach "CG Supervisor"

"Ty is a fantastic modeler. He balances the artistic needs of the design with the technical needs for rigging very well. Everything a rigger would look for in a modeler. From understanding the technical requirements, giving thoughtful suggestions, and having a great attitude to work and collaborate with. He would be a boon to any project he would work on."
Justin Jackson "Founder & CEO"

"I hate to use the term "well-rounded", but it fits with Ty. He does great work in 3D or 2D. Ty always hit his deadline and was very accurate at estimating how long a particular project may take. Everyone enjoyed working with Ty because he is so easy to get along with. If our paths cross again, I would enjoy working with Ty and do not hesitate recommending him."
Helen Duckworth "Senior Modeler"
Sony Pictures Imageworks

"Ty comes highly recommended. He is the ideal combination of artistic talent and technical know how. His stylistic character models are superbly executed and his topology inspires. His greatest strength is character modelling and his weakness is coffee! I worked with Ty for 2 years and I would love to work with Ty again in the future."
Darrell Abney "Senior Modeler"
Sony Pictures Imageworks

"Ty Johnson is an expert 3d modeler and a Maya power-user. His technique and proven leadership skills consistantly earn him LAIKA's most challenging modeling assignments."